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Frequently Asked Questions:

I went to order from the Amazon site,
but the combo box would only let me select 30.
How can I get more than 30?

Go ahead and put one into your shopping cart, then proceed to your cart when ready. Select the quantity box, and enter the correct number, then select "update."

How long will it take to get my order?

We have no control over this variable. If you have Amazon Prime, keep in mind that the shipping is two day, but the two days will not include printing the book(s) and shipping it/them. If it isn't a rushed time of year (like Christmas), you should receive your order in a timely fashion. Our experience with Amazon has been as quickly as a week from placing the order (we know of cases where regular shipping only took 3 days, but that will depend on your location). It seems that 10 days is pretty average. If you do order and the time frame drags out beyond two weeks, you should be asking Amazon about the delay. If a shipment drags out beyond three weeks we want to know about it. Contact us with the form below, giving us the date of order, quantity, and details of contact you've had with Amazon about the problem (including dates).

Do you ever give away Kindle Books?

Book Pillar does periodic Kindle give-a-ways. Sign up below to get e-mail alerts (specify that you want the alerts). Orders of 50 or more print versions may make you eligible for a Free Kindle Day to kick off the beginning of a class quarter (more details here).

Can I get a discount on an order?

If the shipment is being made within the continental United States, you may be able to save a great deal by placing bulk orders through us (the teacher's version of Sound in the Faith is an exception to this). The order will need to be 20+ copies, and must be placed through the contact form at the bottom of this page. Give us the shipping address, title(s), and number(s) of copies. We will send you a quote, and let you decide how you want to proceed. If shipped to a Texas destination, you will need to let us know if the order will be taxed. If this is the case, you will need a Texas state sales tax exemption number to eliminate taxes on your order. Please note that there is a no refund policy on bulk discount orders placed through this site.

If I don't like the product, can I get a refund?

Purchases made through the Amazon Bookstore (Kindle or Print) may be returned per Amazon policy. The teacher's edition purchased through this site may be returned for a refund of product sale price. Shipping charges are not refundable, and you are responsible for return shipping. When we receive the product in a resalable condition, we issue your refund. You may use the contact form below to initiate this process.

Will I be charged tax on my purchase?

Orders placed on Amazon are governed by the laws in their localities. If an order placed from this site is shipped to an address in the state of Texas, we are required by law to charge tax. The only exception to this is if the buyer has a Texas Sales Tax Exemption Certificate. For the time being, tax exempt purchases will have to be conducted through the contact form below. If you are ordering through the Amazon site, taxation is governed by your location. Many users find that no tax ends up being charged. Amazon does make provisions for tax exempt organizations (like churches). Go to your account settings to enter the necessary information for this status.

Can I get a coil-bound version of a book?

Unfortunately, the Teacher's Edition of Sound in the Faith is the only book we coil bind. You can get a book coil-bound at an office supply store, and it will usually cost less than $5.00. If you are handy with a table saw, you can shave the spine yourself before you take it in. Just make sure you use a brand new crosscut blade, and carefully set your rip fence so you remove all binding glue on the first cut. Place a piece of 1/4 inch plywood (with dimensions slightly larger than the book size) under the book to keep the bottom cover from fraying. Do one book at a time to prevent slipping, which will give a ragged appearance. This will only save you around $1.60-$2.00 on the conversion, so you may just want to let them do it all.

Can I make copies of these class books?

No. All of our books are copyrighted material. Copyrights are a protection from stealing. Stealing from author, fontographer, publisher, graphic artist/photographer, distributor, etc. Short portions of our books may be quoted under the Copyright office's Rules of Fair Use policy. If you are in doubt, please ask.

How much can I quote from a BookPillar book
without infringing on its copyright?

For smaller books (less than 150 pages), we allow a 250 word Fair Use allowance. Larger books have a 500 word allowance. If it is a book published only on Kindle, please ask by using the contact form below. As with every copyrighted book you quote, you must provide the standard source credits.

I have a manuscript that I'm trying to Publish.
Would BookPillar consider it?

Sorry, but we have no resources available for considering additional material. Our "pipeline" is full, and we are trying to pump it as fast as we can.



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