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Fundamentals of Music and Directing Songs

These video files are provided to illustrate the concepts presented in the printed book.  They are provided in the spirit of self-improvement, and are free to all who wish to use them for that purpose.  Note:  You must have in the address bar for videos to play (rather than our old address,

Introduction to Videos

Visibility Video

Consistent Tempo Video

Clarity of Motion Video

2-Beat Pattern Video

3-Beat Pattern Video

4-Beat Pattern Video

Pickup Measures Video

Holds and Ending Songs Video



Fundamentals of Music and Directing Songs

Play   ShapeNotes1.MP3
Play   ShapeNotes2.MP3
Play   PitchingSongs1.MP3
Play   PitchingSongs2.MP3
Play   CorrectPitch1.MP3
Play   CorrectPitch2.MP3
Play   MinorScale.MP3
Play   MajorMinor.MP3
Play   MinorPitch.MP3
Play   TuningFork-Intro.MP3
Play   TuningFork-01.MP3
Play   TuningFork-02.MP3
Play   TuningFork-03.MP3
Play   TuningFork-04.MP3
Play   TuningFork-05.MP3
Play   TuningFork-06.MP3
Play   TuningFork-07.MP3
Play   SightSinging-01.MP3
Play   SightSinging-02.MP3
Play   SightSinging-03.MP3
Play   SightSinging-04.MP3
Play   SightSinging-05.MP3
Play   SightSinging-06.MP3
Play   SightSinging-07.MP3
Play   SightSinging-08.MP3
Play   SightSinging-09.MP3
Play   CountingRhythm.MP3

About These Files

You are welcome to save these files onto your devices, or burn them to CD.  Please label any copies with the book title and author.  We have made them available for free use, but they remain copyrighted material, and the sole property of BookPillar Publishing.



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Fundamentals of Music and Directing Songs