Foundational and Motivational

Foundational Studies:


Sound in the Faith is currently in its 4th edition, and is perfect bound in a comfortable 6x9 format, with 12 lessons and a scripture index. Each lesson has sets of questions distributed throughout, for testing comprehension of the material.

This study aid is priceless in new-convert studies, but carries a bargain price - everyday, and if you're an Amazon Prime Member you get free shipping. If you are ordering for a church, you can use the tax exempt tools on the Amazon website to eliminate paying taxes on your purchase. In addition, if you are ordering more than 50 copies you may be able to schedule a Free Kindle Day to coincide with the beginning of a class quarter. This will allow members to download the Kindle version to Kindles, computers, and tablets for use in their studies.

While originally designed for new converts, the benefits of this study aren't just for new converts. It is a useful tool for grounding hearts in truth, wherever a person or group may be perceived to be at risk. Sometimes, people just placing membership can flounder for years before you discover problems. With studies that highlight discipleship, Christ's church, morality, authority, worship, and the family, you'll be able to identify common problem areas quickly, and correct them. High School students who will be headed to college need a solid footing to resist pressures, and stand on solid ground. Even adult classes can benefit from the thorough review of first principles provided in this book.

For more information on the benefits of using Sound in the Faith, consult our Benefits Page.

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Sound in the Faith also comes in a Teacher's Edition. This large edition is coil bound to lay flat, or bend backward, without damaging a spine. The large margins provide abundant space for teachers to insert their notes, and comes with a generous supply of helpful color-coded features and notes to start you off. The pagination exactly matches the page numbering in the Student Edition, so you and your student will always be "on the same page." Further information on this handy edition may be found here.

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 Fundamentals of Music and Directing Songs was written especially for men who want to excel at leading songs in worship to God.  While attending a formal song leader training school would be best, Fundamentals was especially written to benefit those who cannot do so.  It also encourages students in a classroom setting as well, keeping in mind that teachers might want to use this book, or give it to their students for further study.

Fundamentals takes a student from the elementary mechanics of music to helpful practices for good directing.  Beyond the subject of music, you’ll find sections on the pitch pipe (with many examples), using a tuning fork, determining keys, fundamentals of minor keys, making effective use of the hand to direct (including variations on each beat-pattern), chaining songs together into themes, and much more.  You’ll find this book providing essential information on accomplishing the most important challenge faced by every song leader – getting a congregation to sing together.

A section on sight-singing is included to improve a student’s accurate comprehension of intervals, and nurture an ability to learn unfamiliar songs.

Fundamentals is published in full color, allowing a vibrant environment for illustrations to pop off of the page and help the student understand.  This involved a price increase, but we have no doubt that students and teachers will appreciate the clarity it brings to printed explanations of audible concepts.  To help students see and hear important aspects of this study, video and audio files are provided on this website.

If you are thinking of leading songs, or already do and want to improve your ability, Fundamentals has a great deal to offer you.

Fundamentals of Music and Directing Songs
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Motivational Studies:


Golgotha — The name conjured scenes of terror and death. It was an accursed place, associated with criminals and rebels. This infamous site would host the greatest irony the world would ever know: The giver of life would die so His highest creation might live. What Jew could ever imagine that this place of death would become the center of God's great plan to save? Golgotha — Nowhere else, in this life, can eternity be seen so clearly.

This is a moving look at God’s wisdom and love, acted out with unimaginable power. Golgotha is an examination of the sacrifice of Christ that will take readers from the depth of eternity past, to the hope of a meaningful life in Jesus. You’ve sung, Lord Make Calvary Real to Me, but what have you done to make that happen. This soul stirring examination of the cross will draw you into its scenes of excitement, shock, terror, dismay, and renewed hope. These are the emotions that filled the hearts of Jerusalem’s citizens during those fateful months, days, and hours.  These are important reactions for us to experience as we relive God's sacrifice for our sins.

Let Bob Pulliam show you the cast of players who helped stir some hearts to zeal, and others to hate so thoroughly that they committed murder. Look more closely as he shows you the unbearable anticipation of those last days before the scene in the garden, and stand amazed as a crowd shouts, “Crucify!”  Wander through the darkened streets, and listen to the fear as it mounts by the moment, and then take in the screams of terror as the darkness reaches its climax in the shaking earth. Before he is finished, Mr. Pulliam will prove that no one in Judea escaped that day without being affected in some way. Golgotha touched everyone in Judea, as God intends for it to touch every generation - and you.

Before the end of this book, Bob Pulliam will ask what effect Golgotha has had on you. Examine the cross; not only the cross of Jesus, but the cross Jesus would place upon your shoulders to bear each day. Return from Christ’s journey to Golgotha with a different view of your future, and make your journey to eternity a meaningful sacrifice for Jesus. Only when Calvary is real to you, will you reach the destination to which it would take you.

Note:  This is not a class book.

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