Adult Bible Class Book on the Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit is the only reliable witness regarding His nature and work. While most people would agree with that statement, many would not be content with letting His testimony in Scripture stand alone. No matter how contradictory the doctrines and actions of modern religion, Bible truth is explained away, if not cast aside, by people who would rather allow emotions to reign.

The Witness brings forth the testimony of the Spirit in Scripture, and emphasizes the finality of first century revelation, and the cessation of miracles. With a continual reliance on Scripture, this two quarter Bible study seeks the truth, not only about the Holy Spirit, but also salvation. Must the Holy Spirit act directly upon the hearts of sinners? Does He indwell the Christian to give salvation? Must we speak in tongues, or seek some sign from God? Has history seen a continuous stream of miraculous events that indicate their continued existence today? These, and many other questions are answered in this thorough study.

From the Table of Contents:

General Considerations:
   1 - The Word “Spirit” in the Bible
   2 - The Person and Nature of the Holy Spirit
   3 - Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit

The Spirit and Revelation:
   4 - How Will God Reveal His Mind
   5 - The Prophets of Old Illustrate the Process

Miracles and Prayer:
   6 - What Is a Miracle (part 1)
   7 - What Is a Miracle (part 2)
   8 - Does God Answer Prayer

The Spirit and the Miraculous:
   9 - The Purpose of Miraculous Intervention
  10 - Faulty Reasoning for Modern “Miracles”
  11 - The Laying on of Hands and Imposition of the Holy Spirit
  12 - When Would Miracles Cease
  13 - Explaining the “Unexplainable”
  14 - Believers or Not
  15 - Demanding a Sign
  16 - Baptism of the Holy Spirit
  17 - Miraculous Gifts of the Holy Spirit (“Spiritual Gifts”)
  18 - Speaking in Tongues - Then and Now

The Spirit and Indwelling:
  19 - The Concept of Indwelling (part 1)
  20 - The Concept of Indwelling (part 2)
  21 - The Indwelling of Romans 8
  22 - The Spirit as an Earnest (Eph 1:14)

The Spirit and Salvation:
  Introductory Notes on the Spirit and Salvation
  23 - The Gift of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38)
  24 - The Calling of God by the Spirit
  25 - Born of the Spirit (Jn 3:5)

  Appendix #1 - The “Sick” in James 5
  Appendix #2 - Miscellaneous Passages Commonly Misused
  Appendix #3 - Unity or Division
  Appendix #4 - The “God Is Everywhere” Argument
  Appendix #5 - When Faith Turns to Credulity


There are four chief benefits from this study:

    1. Students gain a better understanding of subjects surrounding the Holy Spirit.
    2. Scripture is held up as the dependable guide it claims to be.
    3. A better ability to confront false teachers on subjects related to the Holy Spirit.
    4. A refusal to admit any justification for modern day revelation. The Bible becomes the final word on God's will.

Beginning with the reliability and finality of Scripture, we establish the need to be content with the testimony the Holy Spirit gives concerning Himself and His work. We then come to an understanding of what miracles are and the fact that they have ceased. Modern "miracles" are commonly alleged, and this study will examine various problems with accepting them as truly being miraculous. Bible subjects, like baptism of the Holy Spirit, tongues, indwelling, and calling, are given attention with an emphasis on what Scripture says over personal feelings. Studies end with a section on salvation, exploring the role the Spirit plays, and what it really means to be born of the Spirit.

These 25 lessons and 5 appendices provide an ability for the student to go well beyond the average Bible class workbook. This is serious depth of study that every serious teacher should use to challenge his students.

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