Study Materials That Challenge Teachers and Students to Excel

  • Sound in the Faith

    Foundations and Motivations

    This material is designed to lay foundations for healthy growth in knowledge and participation in worship, and to provide motivation for faithful service.  These are valuable resources for new converts and mature disciples.

  • Days of Those Kings

    Refuting Rapture Doctrine

    In print and on Kindle, this class book offers an in-depth study on the error of dispensationalism, and the truth about Christ's kingdom.  The rapture is the most popular doctrine in the world, and we must be capable of defending against it.

  • The Witness

    The Holy Spirit:  His Nature and Work

    In print and on Kindle, this class book presents a study on the Holy Spirit.  Much error results from unhealthy views of the Spirit's work.  This book also includes an examination of modern errors regarding miracles and salvation.

  • Kindle Only_Main

    Bible Interpretation

    We have two class books on hermeneutics in print and on Kindle.  One is a 26 lesson advanced study, and the other is a 13 lesson high school/adult class study.  We have also begun a series on studying Bible books in context. The first in this series is Ephesians.