Rightly Dividing the Word — is a study in the mechanics of Bible interpretation. This is the advanced version of Buy the Truth (see below).  A number of additional examples from scripture, and illustrations from life are presented in this logical study that discusses the details essential for making sense of words, sentences, and contexts.  In addition, the documentation of various details is far more extensive.

26 lessons (230 pages) take students through a study of the inductive method for correctly understanding communication.  Lessons cover attitudes, translations, contexts, figures of speech, and much more.  In all, the Bible is held up as an understandable message from God.  Students are admonished to cast out opinions and emotional prejudice to listen objectively.

Two lessons on prophetic language fill a common gap in understanding.  Is it literal, or symbolic?  Is there a double fulfillment?  How should we understand a prophecy of Jesus that occurs in the context of a prophecy about Assyria?  These, and other important questions are answered.

The final lesson presents a brief essay on helping others understand God's word.  Every student should become a teacher (to some degree).  Bible class teachers have a responsibility to actually understand well enough to explain that understanding to others.  Sound advice is offered for avoiding common pitfalls in Bible class teaching.

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Buy the Truth is a 13 lesson (128 page) class study on Bible interpretation.  Intended for use in high school and adult class study, it is hoped that families will sit down together and discuss understanding the Bible (we hope to release a junior high version next year).  An advanced adult class version is also available, entitled Rightly Dividing the Word.

Many people believe the Bible provides hope, but in the form of a hopeless riddle.  They end up applying their own opinions and emotions to its message, assuming that they understand it.  Convictions of the Holy Spirit aiding their understanding allow an assurance that they cannot possibly be wrong.  Sadly, they have denied God's ability to communicate through His message.  They do so to get their own interpretations.

Buy the Truth dispels the idea that the Bible is difficult (or impossible) to understand.  It does require us to make an investment in time and effort, but understanding is within our grasp.  Hindrances and bad attitudes are exposed, and then a logical study of the inductive method is undertaken.  The inductive method is the same process used in courts of law, where evidence is presented and examined, with an eventual verdict (deduction) drawn on those facts. 

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Contextual Studies


Ephesians — This adult class book covers Paul's great treatise on God's wisdom in the church, and our obligations that result.  It is a 25 lesson class study (89 pages), providing questions that provoke the student to search immediate and remote contexts, and connect thoughts that may often surface repeatedly in Paul's arguments.   This 8 1/2 x 11 format workbook provides plenty of room for answers and class notes, and includes numerous illustrations diagramming connections between words and thoughts.

Far too many students seek the easy answers that agree with what they have already concluded.  Rather than study the meaning of a text, we tend to read into our studies what we already believe by going to other texts for proof.  The conviction may be correct, but the text is left unstudied when we use this procedure.  This class book urges students to understand Ephesians by immediate context first, before going to other Bible texts to confirm convictions.  Each lesson assigns an important text for memorization.

This class material includes an outline of the epistle, and comes in student and teacher versions.  The teacher's version includes answers to the questions, and helpful notes for presenting the material. Free charts are available to download.

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